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who am i?

A self-proclaimed multipotentialite, I have always had trouble standing still.
A few years AFter receiving my in film studies & production and sociology from hofstra university, I started a graduate degree to become a teacher for the deaf, then quickly pivoted to majoring in Interpreting.

while balancing the full-time job of raising two daughters, I managed to add to my resume the titles of certified American Sign language interpreter, artist, and advocate.

in addition to my freelance projects, i made time to become an advocate and,later, foster Parent. I also founded give to live, a donation drive that collects supplies for children in the local foster system.

I also love to make time for watching both new and classic movies, dancing like everyone's watching and traveling to new, exciting places. 


Over 15 years of providing full accessibility for events throughout New York and New Jersey, inlcuding interpreting for such notable names as Cory Booker, Chelsea Clinton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon, Ken Burns & Kermit the Frog.

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