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advocacy & consulting

After spending countless hours studying, spending time with the deaf community, and continuing my education, I began to look for more ways to be able to make the most of my services, bringing advocacy and empowerment to my interpreting work.
I've volunteered my time to worthy causes that deaf americans deserve access to, including Pride and black lives matter events .
I've learned to utilize the support of my fellow colleagues and hiring agencies as a resource to empower and support conditions for interpreters.
In more recent years, I've become a mentor to newly trained interpreters and, in turn, they help me contunue to learn how to advance our evolving field.

Keeping in mind ADA laws, RID code of ethics, and the power I hold serving an often disenfranchised, intersectional population, I make it part of my mission to educate people on the need for accessibility and setting forth standards to facilitate that process, from end to end.

Some services I have provided: 

  • consulting school districts and government agencies regarding early intervention, IEP meetings and other educational Services for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • advocating for and connecting people and businesses to Deaf mentors, teachers and trainers
  • training professionals working directly with Deaf patients
  • training and consulting businesses who want to hire interpreters to make their events and workplace more accessible
  • supporting local interpreters to empower themselves to do their best work

please contact me for consultation and resources. 
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